Optimizing Google My Business – The Key to Business Success

Kyle Broughton

Improving your business’ online visibility is one of the most important goals of your digital marketing team. It can be through simple, straightforward methods, such as creating digital advertisements or developing social media presence. Nevertheless, the overall goal is to reach more potential clients to increase your sales.

Importance of google my business

A big factor in having a strong online presence lies in your business’ search engine optimization (SEO). This directly translates to your business’ Google rankings, so investing in SEO services and various strategies will help land you on the front page of the results page. One of the easiest ways to up this would be the utilization of your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

What is Google My Business?

In a gist, GMB is a free service of Google that allows you to manage your business’ listing, directly affecting what information of your business appears on Google when someone searches for you. Through GMB, you can change your business’ name, store locations, and service hours, as well as interact with customers via the reviews section.

Its greatest benefit is that it allows you access to Google’s Local 3-Pack. By geotagging your business, you are placed within potential customers’ radar when they search for location-specific services.

Apart from this, it gives you many analytical data that you can view to improve your business’ visibility. Among the numerous amounts of data you receive are how customers get to your listing, where clients find you on Google, and the number of requests for directions. These metrics can give you an inkling of how well your GMB listing is doing and how best to improve it.

How do I optimize it to full effect?

Getting your business’ GMB listing is quite easy, simply claim your business’ listing through Google and fill out all the details. If you’ve been operating for quite some time, chances are that your listing will already be available for claiming. Just edit out the incorrect information and verify it once Google reaches out to you.

To use it to its full extent, however, it requires a bit more work than simply getting it up and running. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your GMB listing.

Let us set up your Google My Business Profile


Assure complete and accurate information

If there are any missing or incorrect details to your GMB listing, then Google would put you on a lower ranking for the Local 3-Pack. This is why you should check your information regularly, particularly because other people can also see and change your information externally!


Add geotagged pictures of your business

Adding geotagged pictures makes your business a legitimate and active one to the eyes of Google. When optimizing Google My Business, by adding photos (and geotagging them) you will be added to Google Maps, pointing you out to potential customers and increasing the likelihood of them patronizing your business.

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Focus on organic and local SEO

Keywords might be a concept you’re familiar with, particularly how it affects your SEO. However, basic keywords only affect your organic SEO –– localizing some aspects of it can help increase your local rankings. Getting the help of an SEO service can really go a long way to getting you into the top three results.


Respond to your reviews

Today, customers have a way to connect with your business directly, so interacting and responding to reviews can be a big help. Not only will you be able to improve according to their comments and suggestions, but you will also show other potential clients that you wish to improve yourself and your business.


Utilizing your business’ GMB listing is a highly vital tool in achieving success. It increases your online presence while legitimizing your business’ position in the market. By optimizing Google My Business, you can greatly increase your chances to rank higher, allowing you to reach even more potential clients that are within your area.

If you’re having trouble setting up your GMB account or need it managed properly to rank better locally, then having the help of a reliable web design and SEO service in Bossier is necessary. Get in touch with us today and let us help you achieve your goals.