The Importance of Google My Business for Your Business

Kyle Broughton

Many businesses today put lots of effort into trying to gain visibility and online relevance over their competitors, but many do not realize that such efforts can actually be simplified. If you wish to keep your business floating above others, integrate Google My Business (GMB) into your operations. It provides you with the ability to list your business location on Google Maps, furthering your ranks on local search results.

Importance of google my business

Google My Business also enables you to present other necessary details about your business, including operating hours, contact numbers, and even a link to your website. GMB continuously adapts to user needs, as shown by Google’s recent developments, which include features that allow businesses to post links to articles and upcoming events.

Moreover, Google My Business is free! Equipped with such features, it should be deemed as a necessity for all business entities. Even if your business merely operates online, it’s still imperative to have a GMB page.

In this article, we will discuss more of the benefits it offers for local businesses, as well as how to properly set up your very own Google My Business. Read more on the importance of Google My Business for your business!

What can it do for your business?

Google My Business essentially improves your local business’s search visibility. You may be utilizing SEO now, and the results may be doing wonders for your business, but have you ever considered amplifying your efforts? Setting up a GMB account is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of improving your online visibility. Remember that Google continuously develops algorithms according to user intent, and the trends are pointing to being geographically specific.

You’ve probably come across such searches in the past, perhaps even performing one on your own. There are specific keywords such as “restaurants near me,” which then renders a list of three locations where you can dine based on your current location. These three businesses on top of the list of searches are then one step closer to gaining a customer; imagine getting the same results for your business!

Properly optimizing your Google My Business page

Now that you know some of its benefits, you’re now ready to set up and claim a Google My Business page for your business. Assuming that you have already done so, optimizing it is the next essential step. Aim to include as much information as possible, including following the tips below:

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Write an appealing description

Writing an appealing description can be a challenge because there are many aspects to consider. For one, it should be interesting enough to attract customers. Moreover, it should be made as local as possible, as this makes it relevant to the user. Your description should essentially be an overview of what your business offers, so imbed necessary keywords in it.


Post on your Google My Business

As with everything on the Internet, interaction is crucial. With that in mind, keep your GMB relevant and attractive by adding posts. All the content will appear in the Google search and map results, so ensure that every content posted passes on quality and relevance. To add a post, go to your account and click on “create a new post.” Here, you will be able to upload images and 300 words of texts, as well as event titles.

Golden tip: Keep an eye on your posts because they will expire after seven days. The only exception to the rule is the events listed because they typically expire on the day of the event. If you’re not posting about events, however, optimize your GMB better by updating your content weekly.

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Provide potential customers with photographs of your business

You may have already uploaded necessary images, such as logos and interiors, but your image posting efforts shouldn’t stop there. To beat Google’s algorithms, post as many images as you possibly can so that Google will assume that you’re an active user, ultimately favoring you in local search and map results.

Know that Google has now allowed users to post ten photos or videos. You should take advantage of this feature because doing so will help you elevate your posts and eventually beat the competition.


Check your reviews

One secret to optimizing the use of Google My Business is through collecting reviews. Doing so allows you to rank higher in terms of local search and map results. These reviews are deemed as real-world signals about how people see your business, playing a determining factor when it comes to local search ranking. Moreover, these reviews act as social proof to future customers, helping them derive at well-informed decisions.

How do you collect reviews? Simple – just ask for them! Seek out customers you have served in the past and ask them to review your services or products. To make the review collection easier, email users directly! As you collect reviews, however, keep in mind that they may not always dwell on the good side of your business. There may be areas you still need to work on, so respond to negative reviews as well.

Doing this shows customers that you are serious about correcting mistakes, signaling that you value customer care and service. It will also add to your credibility as a brand. Remember to thank customers for their reviews as well because engagement is always the key when it comes to optimization.


Marketing your business is an effort that requires experimentation and constant changes. As such, it is integral that you are always ready to adapt even to the slightest changes, and Google My Business helps to do just that. It’s free and easy to use, so why not create one for your business today?

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