5 SEO Basics to Focus On for Your Business – Our Guide

Kyle Broughton

When you are building your brand’s presence online, you might not know where to start. Social media seems to be where people are, but there are so many brands already competing in that space. You might think of building a website but have no clue how to go about it. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps you compete in an already saturated space. Basically, it boosts your website in engines like Google and Bing so that it is one of the first results to appear for searches related to your business.

Making a brand visible online entails much more these days than simply putting products and services on a static website. You need to give value to people’s lives so that they can trust you with their concerns. If you have no clue how you can do that, read on. We have 5 SEO basics to focus on for your business you must have so that your website is optimized for search engines.


Content Frequency

If you have not been living under a rock for the past few years, you would know that ‘content is king.’ Improving your website’s content would also make you rank higher on search results pages. But this does not just mean churning out one article after another. Ask yourself how many articles you are publishing. For a new site, one article a week is too slow, although that might work for more established brands.

You must also assess what types of content you publish often. Do you go for in-depth, informative articles, or are these mostly in list format? Google also ranks your website for the value it contributes to your viewers. For smaller websites or companies just starting out, producing well-researched articles are key.


Content Quality

Even more important than coming out with a lot of articles is the type of article than you produce. Beyond essay format versus listicle, also consider the media embedded in your posts. Do you have videos or photos, and are these related to your text? Content quality also means how competitive your article is in terms of targeting keywords.

Including long-tail or highly specific keywords will improve your search engine ranking. Look for terms and phrases people normally search for in your niche and craft or revise articles so that you address these. Agencies offering SEO services can help you plan your keywords and diagnose how your website is performing against competitors’ sites.


Page Speed

Today, the average attention span is much shorter than it was just a couple of decades ago. Because you are competing for smaller and smaller units of time, you need to optimize your website so that it loads as quickly as possible.

Use smaller file sizes, or compress your multimedia for the internet. Ask your web designer if you can have a more streamlined look for your site. Site speed is ultimately about load time, and if people get tired of waiting, they will click away. Aside from turning people off, long load times also push you down in the search engine rankings, so it is necessary to get your pages to load fast.

The Impact of Website Design on SEO



These days, it is just as important to be talked about as it is to talk about your product. Backlinks (also known as ‘inbound links’ or ‘incoming links’) are connections from one website to another. Search engines see backlinks as ‘votes’ for a website’s credibility, so getting other websites to link to you is a valuable tool in SEO.

This is different from the blog rings of the early 2000s, however, where people of similar blogs linked to each other in a sidebar on their respective pages. Backlinking is affected by things like the linking website’s surface similarity to your own site, how authoritative that site is, how many shares your article or post has, and so on. A WordPress expert can coach you through backlinks and how to cultivate them.

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Just as important as on-page SEO activities are off-page ones. Off-page SEO is anything that boosts your website ranking via other platforms like social media and professional networks. Make content for places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You do not need to have an elaborate social media strategy at first, but try to get leads from these places as well.

Meeting your clients where they are means you have to be visible on social media, as they would definitely spend at least a few minutes of their day on these sites.

Final Thoughts

SEO is all about being the brand or company of choice to address a problem. When you optimize your website, you are doing more than just boosting your rankings and getting new customers. You are helping people with their concerns. Adopting this mindset would give you the right jumping-off point for conceptualizing content, planning keywords, and strategizing for social media. Add to this the services of a dedicated website management company, and you will surely see improvements in your rankings online.

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