How to Use a Growth Hacking Approach With SEO in 2020 – Our Guide for SMEs

Kyle Broughton

A common mistake of SME(Subject Matter Expert) companies today is spending a lot of time working harder rather than smarter. The growing digital competition today creates a misconception that covering all marketing aspects is extremely helpful in all types of organizations, and only then will their businesses grow. However, it’s not always the case.

Did you know…that one right growth hacking idea can work a hundred times better than all your regular marketing strategy in place? Have you found the right one for your business?


What Is Growth Hacking?

No, it’s not “just another” buzzword. In growth hacking, every strategy, tool, and technique you develop is driven by your desire to grow. It may sound simple, but what makes it an extraordinary technique is its flexibility. Regardless if you’re running a small or medium enterprise, growth hacking will work for you.

The formula for this method is based on continuous optimization and testing. Its goal is to record all the learnings acquired during the process that you can apply to the next projects. Such an approach allows SMEs to unlock their growth potential.


Is It Marketing

Growth hacking may look a lot like marketing, but it isn’t. There remains to be significant differences to it. But you can integrate growth hacking to your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategies.

Silicon Angle wrote a really nice article outlining the most important characteristics of Growth Hacking and how it can help your business.



Using Growth Hacking with SEO

SEO is an integral part of SMEs today. Despite the significant differences between growth hacking and marketing, SEO and growth hacking can work alongside each other to help a business grow.

Here are some growth hacks that you can use for your SEO strategies:

Get Quality Links for Free

You have better chances to sell to an existing customer compared to a new prospect. Therefore, you need to use this to your advantage to grow by incorporating this technique with your link building.

Websites, companies, or individuals who have already linked to your website will most likely link to you again. So, as part of your growth hacking, you need to collate accurate data on which sites are linking to you, and then use the data to reach out to them and ask for another backlink.

Aim for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are now a thing, and it seems like every SME company today is working on getting their content on the featured snippet section of Google. The featured snippet is when Google highlights the content on top of SERPs for particular queries.

You’ll find that even when a site ranks number four on the SERPs, but a snippet of that page is on the featured snippet spot, then it takes the most coveted place. In turn, it gets the bulk of the traffic. Now, this is a great growth hack that you can implement to grow your business.

Build Relationships With Influencers

SEO involves establishing relationships with reputable people in the industry, which is good. Now, inject it with a growth hacker approach by putting more focus on cultivating relationships with influencers. Identifying the right influencers, positioning your business on the radar by constantly engaging across various channels, and giving something valuable to the influencer before you ask for a favor are SEO strategies done in a growth hacker approach.

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Final Thoughts

A growth hacking approach to SEO means elevating your mindset. Instead of taking the “normal” route, a growth hacking mindset explores not only the traditional way but the unexplored ones as well. SEO services that use a growth hacking approach tend to be more productive and affordable.

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