3 Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2020 for Your Business

Kyle Broughton

In this digitized age where social media and online presence are critical to the overall success of a business, focusing on strategies that enhance a company’s digital marketing is a must. Search engines play a pivotal role in expanding a brand’s visibility as it serves as a channel that bridges target audiences to your products or services.

This makes your ranking the key to gaining traffic, leads, and conversions for your website and other social media platforms. That’s primarily the reason various industries invest in search engine optimization tactics as leading engines like Google make it difficult to keep track of the ever-changing algorithms.

After all, staying on track is important as optimization enables your website to be found, which leads to higher visibility for your bottom line. With that in mind, the tips below should keep you up-to-date on areas you need to improve for your SEO in 2020:


Optimize for User Intent

Gone are the days where you can stuff in keywords to increase your ranking. Ever since Google’s BERT update, search engine crawlers can not perceive quality content by relating relevant keywords to the overall quality of the content’s message.

It follows a natural language processing (NLP), which has revolutionized search engines as it can analyze deeper meaning from human conversations. This analysis can provide valuable insight and can make room for other visibility tactics such as voice search. This makes your content searchable as NLP provides the best answers for your target audience.


Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content will always be king, no matter the year or trending strategies that come with technological advances. Google’s algorithm is keen on rewarding relevant and helpful content, both of which are critical to increasing your ranking on search results pages.

In addition to building an engaging brand identity, the purpose of any online content is to inform readers. With that in mind, creating high-quality content involves writing about what your audience needs.

Of course, the modern landscape makes room for creative ways to enhance your content – be it through images, videos, GIFS, slideshows, or infographics to spice up your blog.

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Invest in Technical and On-Page SEO

Having quality content serves as the foundation of your online presence, but it should be supported by on-page SEO to ensure search engines can find it. Enhancing your on-page SEO means you have to define the right keywords and strategically place them in your text, images alt tags, videos, URLs, meta descriptions, and more.

Other ways to enhance your on-page SEO is to include internal and external backlinks, both of which improve your website’s credibility and connections with reputable brands online. Organizing your text using the appropriate headlines and title tags also go a long way in improving the onsite user experience.

The Bottom Line

A solid SEO strategy can make or mar your business, making it just as essential even in 2020. When done right, SEO can help drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions in the long run.

It can also boost your website’s authority, so don’t forget to stay up-to-date with ways the fluctuating algorithm of search engines. With time and patience, you’ll soon find your ranking inching closer to the first page on the SERP.

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