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5 SEO Tips for 2020

5 SEO Tips for 2020 to Kick Your Business Up a Notch

This year, you should be more cautious yet robust in your SEO marketing gameplan. There are a handful of key considerations to factor in, especially when you sign up with an SEO services provider. If you truly want to make your SEO work and take your business up a notch, here are five SEO tips for 2020 you might want to consider and incorporate.

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Impact of website design on SEO

The Impact of Website Design on SEO

When it comes to website design, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at times seems to be a separate entity. This is why designers often only consider striking a balance between functionality and the aesthetic value of a website, without thinking about SEO. If they do, there will appear to be a clash in their decision-making on SEO and web design.

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